“When I see a white piece of paper, I feel I’ve got to draw. And drawing, for me, is the beginning of everything”

  • Ellsworth Kelly

190605_MAD_Hand Drawing_A3.jpg

The above drawing illustrates the Machine for Anthropic Digestion - the thesis proposal for a new form of vertical recycling architecture. Placed at the heart of the city of London, each tower reduces the need for large scale recycling plants in London’s suburbs in turn freeing up land for much needed housing. The next evolution of London’s vertical history, the tower acts as the antithesis to Renzo Piano’s Shard in London Bridge. The proposal acts as a both a beacon for the city, it exists for our waste, and digests our waste for the city to see. A green smoke stack, uninhabited tower, machine landscape, tower for none, a new architectural sublime.

Using pen & ink, the freedom hand drawing creates highlights the importance of the medium no matter how technology focused a project is and the limitations of digital drawing.


Why no pencil?

Pencil can be erased, it can be altered, it becomes very quickly less deliberate, less concise. Through my architectural education I have grown to love drawing in pen. It has enabled me to become more decisive about what and why I am drawing. This section highlights the breadth of expression I have found using pen which I will continue to experiment with into the future.