Studio Momo is a space that exists for the future.

Very much in its infancy, it currently acts as a space for scrappy drawings and photographs by Fraser Morrison or Momo for short.

A recent graduate of the pioneering new school the London School of Architecture, Momo studied at the Edinburgh College of Art for undergraduate and currently works at the office of James Soane, Project Orange.

Momo to date has returned as guest critic to the Edinburgh College of Art and run workshops around post-digital drawing techniques. He has also been featured in the Blueprint for The Future exhibition this summer in Clerkenwell, along with an exhibition as part of the Archifringe in Glasgow with Farshid Moussavi, Kate MacKintosh Sam Jacob, and others.

Recently published in a new Glasgow based magazine -ism, he continues to write for their next issue alongside work for Critday’s Sustainable Focus group which projects ideas to a following of 100,000+ aspiring architects and designers.

He is currently in the midst of creating a new form of exhibition space, ‘We aren’t a gallery’ proposes to investigate sustainability in a more meaningful and immediate way through propositions by artists, photographers, architects, and more.

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