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Fraser Momo

Ah yes, another portfolio website designed to catalogue work and ‘engage’ with the wider world. A little better than traditional architects project brochure websites but not by much.

This website is therefore intended to be the antithesis to the generic and will aim to instead create dialogue through writing, scrappy sketches, film photographs, and unfinished process drawings. As a representative of the wider world, you the reader can drop me an email in agreement or disagreement to allow us to start questioning the architectural norms of today.

Now the normal stuff. Having previously graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art, I am currently studying my masters at the London School of Architecture. At the London School of Architecture there is the belief that people living in well designed cities can live better and more fulfilling lives. The LSA is only four years old, I joined as part of the third cohort in 2017. We as students have been questioning this statement holistically through histories, systems, and ethics with the aim of moving on from the blinkered methodologies of the past.

If you would like to collaborate on an exciting project, or commission any drawings please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Many thanks,


Image Credits - Marie-Lisette Cropp